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Mantises are commonly knowing as “praying mantises” for their “prayer-like” stance, or “preying-mantises” since they are predatory. They have two long, spiked forelegs in which prey is held securely, and their heads can rotate nearly 300 degrees. Although they usually do not fly, males will fly at night in search of females. Larger species are able to hunt more than just small insects, they have been known to feed on scorpions, lizards, frogs, birds, snakes, fish, and even rodents.

Mantises are also known for their sexual cannibalism, but it is only common among mantises in captivity and rarely in the wild. It is thought that females remove the males head only when they are distracted by human observation, scientists that observed the mating of Chinese Mantises in an undisturbed enclosure discovered that they displayed elaborate courtship behavior. The males engaged the female into dances to change her interests from feeding to mating. Sexual cannibalism in mantises is wildly debated. Some scientists think that the removal of the males head enhances fertilization.

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